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Come catch up with the Animals’ Guide to Suicide?series, the ongoing LOL adventure illustrated by by Atlanta artist and musician, Jenu Castillo. Revisit the lonely and frustrated, yet adorable cat, duck, rabbit, giraffe and gang as they stumble through the holiday season - conflicted and depressed as ever, in this graphic novel of the absurd.

"Harvey Pekar, author of American Splendor, once said, 'Ordinary life is pretty complex stuff.' In Animals' Guide to Suicide by Jenu Castillo, we learn that life is not only complex, but it also inspires the best punch lines. Jenu's work proves that you don't need to be a master draftsman in order to write a story filled with honesty, poetry, tragedy, and, above all else, comedy." - Matthew Laiosa

From the smoldering depths of Jenu Castillo's cauldron of sketchbooks, we'd like you to introduce you to an unlikely cast of characters-- Giraffe, Rabbit, Duck, Cat, Snake, Lion-- at the bar, at work, at band practice, and the record store. Animals' Guide to Suicide is a comic tragedy touching on alternative lifestyles, depression, pretense, food service, band and bar life, survival and existential crisis.


Vol. 1 One Sheet / Press Release

Vol. 2 One Sheet / Press Release

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Animals' Guide to Suicide Vol. 2
Jenu Castillo
pub date 12/2015
ISBN 978-1-880855-23-2

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Animals' Guide to Suicide Vol. 1
Jenu Castillo
pub date 9/1/2013
ISBN 978-1880855-20-1


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