Fifth Planet Press is an arts publishing group quietly run by Unisa Asokan and Tania Elizov (1968 -2010) for over the past twenty years. Fifth Planet is an independent publisher that supports the art outlets of musicians. Almost all the authors, artists, illustrators, and designers are artists that are musicians, too.. Over the years, the press has evolved from poetry, to fiction, literary annuals, a multi-media novel, an e-book, an ongoing book arts experiment, and an inaugural collection of illustrated absurdities by Jenu Castillo.We don't take this, or much of anything too seriously, paradoxically. Fifth Planet produces new meida and art objects, but mostly literature and books for the beauty and perfection of it all.

Send unconventional prose to the Open Face Sandwich: submit [at] OpenFaceSandwich [dot] org The review process is deliberately slow and we will contact you if your work is being considered for publication.


Interest in our poetry imprint, 3rdness, contact james (at) fifthplanetpress (dot) com.



contributing artists, authors, designers, editors:



Jenu Castillo, Adam Bruneau, Bean Summer/ Ben Worley, James Sanders, Allison Rentz, Chris Leo, Marcellus Hall, Leigh Cooper, Allen Taylor, Andy Imm, Jeff Dahlgren, Susan A. Cipcic, Woody Cornwell, Tommy Chung, Jimmy Lo, Ahva Minina, Mandie Turner Mitchell, Jon Ciliberto, JL Costes, Unisa Asokan, Cha Asokan & her students, Stan Woodard, Jena Sibille, Tracey Gagne, Robby Kee, Laura Bell , Sloane R. Cheatham, Zac Denton, Susan Archie, Patrick Foley, Wade Thompson, Agi Morawska, Lisa Dewey, Anne Waldman, Tania Elizov, Meshakai Wolfe, Rachel Daley, Josh May, Laura Barnes. Benjamin Michael Solomon, Anne Waldman, Lisa Jarnot, Andrew Schelling, Emma Ball.






Fifth Planet Press

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