Cloud Computing
Josh May
ISBN: 9781880855225
Price: $12.95
Pages: 88
PubDate: 11/22/2011

CLOUD COMPUTING supposes the sui generous and then is so bold as to use any means necessary to "compute" said thing/world. The answers are pulled down from clouds, black boxes, and the like, and they seem mostly correct. Any errors we can pull out seem immediately to fall under Wittgenstein's mantra "The world is all that is the case," or Frank O'Hara's gravestone, "Grace to be born and live as variously as possible," or maybe even Warhol via Cale, "Faces and names, I wish they were the same." If this book of poems were a movie, it would be a blockbuster action flick with lots of pyrotechnics, and you can bet its tagline would be: There is no nexus in the cloud.

Josh May hails from Burlington, VT, where he runs Open Heart Farm with his wife and two kids.



Rachel Daley
ISBN# 978-1-880855-19-5
Pub date March 2011

"Plasmos is not avant-garde; it is advanced…Rachel Daley curates a major retrospective of forms she has invented. The galleries are beautifully built but functional, the art…More is gained from just looking at these poems than from reading many another. One doesn’t “just look” at them…Not all fragments are created equal, nor all ellipses full or fully empty. What in most hands (could they get their hands on them) would be mere fragments are composted here. The ellipses allow for aeration…Sonic, ideational, narrative humus, mature compost…The mixture of the absolutely impeccable rhythms (lyric, metallic, flat, pert, steady, scholarly, exasperated, reproductive) and the absences and silences deployed over the field of the page is virtuosic. The punctuation itself…The book is humane and knowing; it does not know everything. An advantage is thus gained—it is the most surprising book since The Tennis Court Oath (was), or any other, i.e. in ages. You do not know what is happening— though you can [feel see hear] it doing so. It is not a competition (is it?) but you cannot beat this book…Daley is brilliant here…throughout…The best book to read right now is Plasmos…of the highest order— a benchmark. A book to return to. The bubble in the level.  - Andrew DuBoisi, co-editor of The Anthology of Rap and author of Ashbery's Forms of Attention


Rachel Daley is the author of two poetry chapbooks, By Beloved: Postcard Series and Today It Starts Into Light, and a fiction chapbook, You and Me Story. Her writing also has been published in several print and online journals. She lives with her husband and two sons in Burlington, VT.








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